Artist Bio

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Dani Dale’s artwork considers the past, present and future states of the Anthropocene. The Anthropocene is considered to be the era, or epoch during which human beings have significantly impacted the earth and its ecology. In her work, she confronts the consequences of this era, primarily climate change and what this means for our current ways of life. Dale explores themes of nature, industrialization, innovation, destruction, and survival. In her exploration of these themes, she focuses on tensions, dichotomies, unities, and connections, considering our era against the many and disparate notions of the term ‘progress’. Most recently this has taken the shape of exploring food in/security and the re-imagining of weeds from nuisance to edibles via haute cuisine techniques.

Dale explores the above themes by engaging in transdisciplinary methodologies and skills. She frequently collaborates in her artistic practice, and has been influenced by fields such as engineering, biology, horticulture, and drama. She makes her pieces using this multi-perspective approach, combining methods such as metallurgy, welding, gastronomy, cyanotoping, and cultivation to develop mid-size sculptures, photography and multimedia exhibitions, and nature-based installations. While each project takes on different meaning, her work is consistently focused on the changes brought by the Anthropocene and survival, in relation to the land and all that it produces for our consumption.